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Pridružio: 27 Jan 2009
Poruke: 138

 Poruka Poslao: 04 Mar, 2011 23:54 pm    Naslov: APARATI - CoRe i L.I.F.E.
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Pridružio: 27 Jan 2009
Poruke: 138

 Poruka Poslao: 05 Mar, 2011 00:07 am    Naslov:
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What does faith healing mean? Here is my answer: Faith healing is healing of faith. It´s too simple you might think and what has it to do with holograms? Let`s see.

I will give an example. A man looks at the peaks of the Himalaya. Of course he is very impressed, and so he told his friends about this wonderful outlook and how pretty it is. But what has happened? When he was standing there, a lot of photons came up to the nerves of his eyes and inside his brain there was built a picture, which he afterwards projected to the outside. But this man doesn`t realize that what he believes to see is first of all a picture in his brain. He believes, reality is something that he can see or hear outside of him with eyes or ears. That is his solid faith.

Now, where is the problem you might ask. The problem is that the man is not a singular effect nor is the world – one thing. The world works as a hologram this man will find the results of his philosophy in all matters of his life. Reality in this view means what he can see, hear a.s.o., what has form, weight, movement, in one word: matter. The view of this person is restricted to the level of energy. Again: what is the problem? If this man is happy in his life, he can believe whatever he wants. But what happens if he is unhappy, sad, ill, lonely, depressed? How can he improve this poor condition? Because of his philosophy he has to try to change the circumstances of his life, his surroundings, especially the people around him. He will demand from other people: Change your behavior so I can feel better or in other words: You are responsible for my feelings. Last Sunday a woman told me, that her little son could not sleep well by night so he often was very tired in school and so she –the son perhaps not- has a great problem with that. She asked me to change the biological rhythm of this child! Of course I denied this request.

Such people need to heal their unfavorable faith about what reality is. This faith has much more importance than the believes in religion or dogmas because it is even closer to them. Of course all this is a problem of information. But information is invisible and out of time. And further, to realize that information causes energy, this could perhaps causes a collapse of all the well-known systems of safety, which have been learned throughout the life of people. What seems to be solid is not solid, what seems to be safe is not safe. For it is necessary to realize that the main things happens inside our mind. And this leads to the recognition that everybody is responsible for his own life, his own problems and his own diseases. It leads people back to their Self. This might be the deeper meaning when we are trying to find our inner center.

An example might show what can happen: Last weekend I gave the members of a course the exercise to imagine their greatest wishes and hopes. Then they should realize that nothing of all could fulfill and they now should have a look at their feelings. Each of them now felt a certain expression of fear. Nobody has known before that fear was the real motive of their wishes and that fear will always be part of the fulfilling of the wishes because you will harvest what you are sowing. So they could understand the reason for their less success. After that I showed them a method to find out the real and deepest motives for their wishes. And so the wishes and hopes either changed or disappeared completely or new wishes came up.

Another motive is another information and this causes another energy, different feelings and other results in all fields of life. And this different look at our imagination, what reality is, we could call faith healing.

Now it`s understandable why talking about bad things causes bad results. Because bad talking has bad motives and they are the seed for a bad harvest. Therefore speaking and thinking about good and positive things causes good results because of the leading role of the informational level.

Faith healing and reset: The reset-button leads back to a state, in which a computer can work properly again. What now could reset mean in respect to human beings? Is it our aim to bring a person, who is for example depressed, back in a state, in which she is able to function as before? I don`t think so, although in the field of psychotherapy this could be useful to help a person. But our intention with the CoRe system leads to a level of consciousness beyond everyday life. Reset in this connection looks for the meaning of life, the deeper sense in ones life.

But has this something to do with the reality or is it only a theoretical concept, an idea, a hope? Is there a reset-point to be found in the energy body of people? In fact this point exists. But it is not to be seen with the normal senses, which find a world outside of us. If somebody only can believe what he can see with his eyes, he never will find this point. First of all he has to heal his faith about reality and has to accept the existence of a world, which is invisible and nevertheless more real than what seems to be obviously as the only reality. Then he could find a certain point like a second brain inside the energy field, which in the beginning of life is connected with the informational level. It is quite similar to the umbilical cord which connects the baby with his mother. What we can see here with our eyes has an equivalent in the invisible body of people. What we can see in the visible world, we also can find in the invisible world. This point, we are speaking about, is located in a certain distance above the head. It has nothing to do with the concept of a chakra system. That`s the reason why it is true that little children are still connected with higher levels of consciousness. This invisible brain we might declare as a point similar to a reset-button.

But due to the family fields, the education and the culture this connecting point lost its position and is now separated from main parts of its original order. Now we can find it in another position, which is different for each person. In this situation people are not or hardly connected with the informational area, they are lead by the changing rules of family and society. Here we often find the cause of diseases.

So it is useful to speak about reset because we can understand the meaning of it in respect to peoples life and existence. And now we can see that there is in fact a centre in the energy field of people which leads their thoughts, feelings and behavior. The task therefore is to cause a movement, which brings this leading point step by step from its present position home to its origin.

And that will bring moments of uncertainty into the life of people. But why does it? People do not like unstable circumstances. Such moments of uncertainty we will find in the quantum world.

So let`s have a look at the hierarchy of existence between matter and pure consciousness. In the field of matter we are able to predict what might happen. The field of pure consciousness however is beyond human reason and therefore the mind of people is unable to predict anything. The world of quantum is comparable to the field of pure consciousness and so we can`t find there the degree of certainty as we are used to find in the field of matter.

So if we are trying to find our real destination in life, we will not find it only in the field of matter but in higher levels of consciousness. And therefore we have to accept an increasing degree of insecurity. On the basic of overcoming thinking it is not possible to understand what happened with us when we met John of God. Later on we will find that there is a leading spirit in our life. So we can say that the quantum world is like a teacher who prepares us and leads us to the higher levels of existence.

Bettina and Dr. Horst Zinke
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